Galicia is an incredibly rich tourist land The Carpathians mountains and the Dnister Canyon are worth a lot. Also there are clean rivers Black Cheremosh and Limnytsya, a large number of ancient fortresses with their secrets and legends, monasteries, churches; unique architecture of cities and villages, and the richest nature; a lot of museums, dozens of caves (among them the longest in Europe), and waterfalls (some of them unique in beauty); delicious cuisine, preserved ancient customs, traditions.


water routes
Summer, the sun, the hot city … It seems that it is impossible to escape from the heat. The easiest way is to put up with this: use air conditioner, drink cool beverages, and hope that soon the temperature outside will drop down. The best way to escape from the sun and heat is to go to the river. Freshness – which water will give you – incomparable, and when you get into the water, an idea will appear in your head – “I would live here”. It is possible and easy just contact us, we “live” in the rivers since 2004. You can choose a river that you will be comfortable with. You will be attracted by the numerous turns of the Dniester, fall in love with clean and fast Limnytsia and get a big portion of adrenaline into your blood with Black Cheremosh rapids.


I often heard a question why people hike to the mountains if you have all the same, even more, just being near the mountains: fresh air, scenic nature, infrastructure, and you can be sure that the bears will not attack you. But as soon as these skeptics try to hike in Carpathian Mountains – they become the children of the mountain. And it does not matter what was the impetus for the hiking – friends, family or production necessity but the result is one – the mountains begin to attract themselves. A feeling when you stand on the top of the mountain is incredible and every next time you go, you will looking for more complicated route. The mountains are another world: here the sky is closer, the stars are bigger, and the grass is greener… The mountains are inspiring! You will be tired physically but morally relax 100%. You will forget about the routine life and in your head stuck only one thought – “What is the power, this Nature!”


Open it – it’s extremely enjoyable. And, whether it’s a distant comet or a bottle of cool drink, this moment is guaranteed to be happy. Sightseeing tours are also discoveries that allow you to touch an unknown and mysterious past, to see the picturesque nature and majestic architectural buildings, to learn the traditions and culture, to hear interesting legends and retellings. And along with this, such trips enrich us, make them wiser and more confident (after all, it’s such a pleasant phrase – “I’ve been here, and there too”).

We understand that making the first step will be difficult, because the sofa and TV, at first glance, have their advantages. Only from the photo on their background are not so spectacular. Do not hesitate to go on tour!

Our company will gladly help you to organize and conduct a sightseeing route for any taste. After all, Western Ukraine is a rich tourist destination, with colorful cities and villages that are rich in tradition, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, caves, castles and temples, dozens of museums with hundreds of priceless artistic works and thousands of diverse artifacts.


Banal feast, some will think … But no, we will say! Of course, a banquet is an obligatory part of such an event, but it is far from the only one. In real corporate – there are moderate physical activity (conquering the peak or passing the river), a short excursion and cognitive program is mandatory, a team building is prepared, a cultural and entertainment program (disco or concert) is organized. And of course – transfers, accommodation, food.

The optimal combination of such components, taking into account the wishes and physical capabilities of the group, and is a recipe for genuine corporate. In this case, each participant in the tour opens his or her abilities and knows the possibilities and talents of his colleagues, learns to work in a team, to help and support friends. The team creates new and closer ties, which clearly is a big plus for the company. And everyone has a lot of positive impressions, because there is something to remember. And keep in mind – the dishes are cooked on fire – they taste better!