Water tours

The total length of the river is 1362 km, within Ukraine – 705 km. The most interesting site for alloys is the Dniester Canyon (about 250 km), which in 2008 was included in the list of 7 natural wonders of Ukraine. On the banks of the river there are numerous waterfalls, rocks, many architectural monuments. The river is calm without rapids, so it is ideal for family and corporate rest. According to the Dniester it is possible to plan alloys lasting from 2 days to the sea.

If you are planning a trip for the first time on the Dniester, we recommend starting from the Nizhny-Nezivisco (routes for 2-4 days). Here you can see the palace of Count Baden in Koropka, several caves and waterfalls, among which the most interesting are the Koshkirin (near Kosmirin) and the Girl tears (near Isakov).

The next part of Dniester Canyon Nezvizko-Ustechko (routes for 2-4 days) will fascinate you with its original nature, silence and calmness. Among the attractions are the Rakovetsy castle tower, Krasnaja hora near the village. Beremeyni (with a fantastic panorama of the river), the largest plain waterfall in Ukraine – Dzhurinsky, Chervonogorod castle. In this tour, we recommend including a land-based excursion to Yazlivets (castle and monastery) and the Rusiliv cascade of waterfalls.

Snack – Gorodok (routes for 2-4 days). Beautiful waterfalls, swift cliffs, healing springs, excursions to the monastery, and Zalishchiki – on the palm.

Go to Hotina! The trip, as a rule, takes several years (50-100 km / year). When you pass the entire Dniester canyon and “conquer” the Khotyn fortress, then – you are welcome to work as an instructor). In addition to the fortress, on this last passage through the canyon, it is worthwhile planning a excursion program to the caves Verteba and Kryshtaleva, and if you wish – you can visit Kamenets-Podilsky.

To Bakota Bakota – a village now located at 50-60 m of the Dniester reservoir. Nevertheless, the interesting history of this town has survived and the rock monastery has remained partially preserved. The highlight of the trip is the panorama of the Dniester reservoir from the White Mountain. And, probably, one of the “most bereavest” measures of the sun in Ukraine – with a three-kilometer-long sunny track.


They say the Dniester is like an old respectable grandfather, and Limnitsa is like a young, tattered girl. And there is something in it, because the alloy in Limnica requires almost constant attention and concentration. It is not possible here to lie down on rafts (as on the Dniester), the river will immediately remind yourself. Nevertheless, the rafting in Limnytsya is the perfect weekend tour. Rest can be planned for one or two days.

The main attraction of the river is water – clean and transparent, which makes swimming in it – one great pleasure. No less pleasure can be obtained from the exit to Sokilskie rocks. From the panorama that opens from them – it truly captures the spirit. Relaxation on the river is well combined with a visit to the monuments of Knyazhii Halych (Starostinsky castle, Galicia grave, Knyazha well and a temple in Krylos village), as well as objects of the Galician National Nature Park, in particular the tract of Verbivtsi, the Center for the rehabilitation of wildlife.

Black Cheremosh

The river originates on the northeastern slopes of the Chyvyky Mountains. This is the area of ​​the Marmaros crystalline massif of the Ukrainian Carpathians. The total length of the river is 87 km. The most difficult thresholds on the river are the third category of complexity. Known thresholds are Berdy, the threshold of Dzembronya, White Kobyla and Guki.

The best time for rafting is April-May, or summer periods with high water levels in the river.

The most interesting plot for the alloy is the section of the river between. Dzembronja and smt. Highland. The time for this route is about 2 hours. Having descended by a river and a little warmed up – you, with great probability, want to take a boat and quickly go up the river to go this route again. Because the impressions from rafting will be really fantastic, we guarantee! Route along Cheremosh well combined with the access to the mountain peaks of the Carpathians, walks on mountain towns and trails


River trips – arranged by prior arrangement. Alloys are carried out on rafts, accompanied by an instructor. The optimal size of the group is a multiple of 8-9 people. When planning and organizing a tour I always take into account the individual wishes of each group, in particular – organization of transfers, meals, lodging, excursions and cultural and entertainment programs. We recommend to take clothes from the sun on the alloy (with a long sleeve and a long head, a headgear), rain clothing, shoes for water (rubber sneakers, etc.), sportswear and shoes, sunblock, insect repellent and tools personal hygiene. And surely it’s a good mood! For phones and cameras, we recommend taking waterproof packages.